CompactDry SWABS BPW

CompactDry Swabs for surfaces, meat, fish and poultry

New design with swab pre immersed in 1mL buffer, ready for use with a self-standing tube and a high visibility blue cap and swab.

Buffer Peptone Water, reference 450004-BPW-0500

Sampling previously cleaned surfaces specifically for the recovery of Salmonella species which have been sub lethally injured.

Each batch is :

  • tested according to ISO 11133:2014 as required for ISO 18593:2018.
  • tested for sterility, indicated by the absence of aerobes and anaerobes, after 10 days incubation at 30°C.

Each reference is packed in a 500 swabs box (10 boxes of 50 swabs)

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500 units

P/N : 450004-BPW-0500