Launch of NPS, Nissui Pharmaceutical (Japan) subsidiary in Europe.

Apr 1, 2019

Nissui Pharmaceutical Solutions (NPS) has been created by Nissui Pharmaceutical (Japan) as their European product development, sales and marketing subsidiary. Headquartered in Paris, NPS will develop and market products across Europe as part of the international strategy to grow new markets for Nissui products developed for the diagnostics, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and ATMP industries.

To launch the new venture, NPS will start with the MycoFinder real time PCR kit used to detect potential mycoplasma contamination in biopharmaceutical and ATMP products prior to batch release. MycoFinder is currently undergoing GMP testing to demonstrate that is in line with the criteria of the European Pharmacopeia. It is expected to be ready for launch by Q3 2020.